About Us

Aloha friends!

I’m Marcus, a lifelong music lover with interests that are about as broad as it gets. Music has always been a huge passion of mine, and I’m always looking to learn a new instrument whenever I can.

Not too long ago I was lucky enough to go on a trip to Hawaii with my family, and that is when I fell in love with the ukulele. Since I already knew how to play the guitar, I thought I already knew everything I needed to know about it and that I would be able to pick it up instantly. Boy, was I wrong.

By the time we made it back home, I was determined to buy a ukulele of my own and get as good as I could at playing it. But since I didn’t really know anything about ukuleles, I had no idea how to start. So I began learning everything I could about that amazing little instrument.

I found out so much about ukuleles that I figured I should collect it all into one site, so that I could help my fellow musicians who were just as clueless as I was. I’ve put together some reviews of the best ukuleles I’ve come across, so that you can learn from my findings. I’ve also got some guides and other articles that cover other ukulele buying topics in more detail.

I hope that you can find this site useful, and that you enjoy playing whatever ukulele you decide on.